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As the summer ends and reality dawns once again, it’s time to start paying attention to getting yourself ready for school. Sadly, getting your car back to school ready style means taking a lot of time to look at the more engaging parts of owning a car. You need to be prepared to take more care of it, to make it less ‘flash’ and to do quite of messing around and changing to get it ready for going back to school with.

So, let’s see what you need to start off with if you want to get your car road-ready for going back to school with.

Getting Your Car Back to School Ready: Checklist
– Start off by taking a closer look under the hood. Are your fluid levels good? How is the engine oil coming alone – do you need more? What about brake and steering fluid; still enough?
– Are you checking the transmission or the coolant often enough? If you aren’t then you are asking for trouble. Make sure you check the car manual and get all of your fluids up to the level they need to be at.
– Also, check the battery of the car; batteries are vital to the lifespan and strength of the car retaining usage for years to come. Test it with a voltmeter – your dad or uncle might have one – and then see if the engine is hitting the levels if should as per the manual.
– Be sure to take a look at your tires, too. Are they bald(ing)? Are they beginning to look uneven or worn on any parts? Is there anything stuck in there that could be causing pressure to escape and making the tire weaker and less able to the job that you need?
– Also, check tire pressure when you aren’t driving and you can get a better chance of seeing how good the pressure of the tires is. The tire manufacturer’s site should give you a good idea of the ideal tire usage, for sure.
– Are your lights working fine? You don’t want to be getting a breaching from a teacher for not dealing with this all-important one. Take the time to look at the quality of your lights and if they are still operating as they should. If you cannot see them working as they should then get to a garage ASAP; lights are vital, and keep you safe as well as road worthy.
– At this point, you should probably be looking for a mechanic locally to help you solve any of the issues above. While some of them are DIY-sortable and others are easy to just replace, it pays to do a bit of digging around into locals to see who can help you and for the best price.

Just be aware that you need to turn up with a good list of what has gone wrong; mechanics will see a young driver coming a mile away. Be specific and get to school safely!

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