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Holiday Safe Driving Tips for Fond du Lac Drivers
The holiday season often includes driving to visit friends and family in the New Orleans area. It also means heavy road traffic and sometimes winter weather can throw a wrench into the most well-planned trip. Also, this year’s low gas prices mean many people will probably choose to drive this holiday season so stay alert while driving and learn to spot and avoid hazards using these tips. These driving tips can help you motor with confidence this holiday season.

Use Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive driving means taking reasonable action to prevent a collision. But defensive driving starts before you even get on the road. Checking weather and road conditions in advance helps you plan a route and know what to expect along the way. It’s also important to pack the car with basic supplies. A first aid kit, flares, snacks and blankets ensure you’re ready for emergencies on long drives.

1. Checking your mirrors every three to five seconds and continuously scanning ahead for possible dangers.
2. During heavy traffic, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and give yourself ample response time by slowing your speed.
3. Look for signs of impaired, distracted and even aggressive driving and develop techniques like deep breathing to keep calm under pressure.

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