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Looking into a vehicle for the new driver in the house? You’re probably concerned about your teen’s safety and wish you could be in the car with them every time they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, your teenager driver wouldn’t appreciate your constant presence when they wanted to go out.

So what to do? Install cameras into the vehicle? No, that would be too much. Call them every 10 minutes to make sure they’re safe? No, that won’t work either. How about taking a look at the new 2016 Chevy Malibu? It has incredible safety features such as front and rear parking assist, rear vision camera, traffic alerts, and even front automatic braking at low speeds. These are just some of the basic safety features that come with the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu.

What makes this the car for your teenage driver is their inclusion of Chevy’s first-ever Teen Driver feature. This technology allows you to keep tabs on your teenager’s driving habits. Not only will you be informed of how often various traffic alerts are triggered, but it gives audible and visual warnings when the vehicle is moving faster than the maximum speed you set. It also allows you to block audio from going more than a specific volume level and the vehicle refuses to play audio until all passengers in the front seats are buckled up.

How does the Teen Driver feature work? As a parent, you can designate any one of the vehicle’s key fobs to be tracked and once that fob is used to start the vehicle, the Teen Driver feature will activate and begin to track driving information. Sound like a good way to ensure the safety of your teenager and to keep track of their driving habits?

Test drive the 2016 Malibu and check out these features by visiting Banner Chevrolet in New Orleans, LA. Take a drive, test out the features, and decide if this car is right for you and your teenager.

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